boyf found a potential job, cut hair, new moon

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lol, did i mention that boyf found a potential job?
he had to get his picture taken for his namecard,
and we were laaaaazy to go out,
and since my uncle gave boyf his semi-pro canon camera.

we decided to put it into good use and take the photo ourselves,
still can photoshop nice nice somemore!


HAHAHAAHAH, I know.. he's always like this..
my friends always think he's a crazy nuuuuuuut.


Lol, after some photoshop magic...

Leon's Agent Photo

hahahahs, not so bad right!
Majiam very serious... then look at this!!!


Lol, my boyf looks like a FROGGGG! omg.

The other day my manager went to order some fingerfood
to munch on during work from our restaurant below the spa...
And she ordered wrongly!!!

Sweet potato fritters & Mashed potatoes w/herbs
& Truffle Fries (Freaking yummy)!



Boyf came to fetch me, cos i ended work earlier,
went to cut hair @ Clover, my gaaaaawd,
so many people wanna cut hair.

Had dinner @ Ambush, Takashimaya.



Omgggggg, i'm so excited when i step into shopping centres lately
and hearing the xmas songs playing in the background!
x'mas is coooooming!
Have you all planned what to buy for you loved ones?

Lol, Booked tickets the minute we saw that GV is
opening for booking for New Mooooooon @ work!
Watching with my colleagues and boyf on 3rd december after work!

Couldn't resist and watch New moon online 1st,
Still couldn't decide, Team Jacob OR Team Edwarddddd!!!
They are so daaaaamn hot!!! FAINTS.

Taipei 6, bye bye taipei

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taipei June 2009 Day 6/7

Day 6, went back to Wu Fen Pu for more shopping!
Hahahas, even thou it's nth like the crazy shopping in chaktuchat in bkk,
it's gooooooood enough to set me in the crazy shopaholic mode~

And another reason why we wanted to go wu fen pu again...

Mr beard lu rou fan!

One must try in taiwan, just exit at HouShanPi Station,
ask around or look at the signs that shows the direction towards wu fen pu,
and youll be able to spot Mr Beard!

Awwww man, miss lu rou fan so much..
at the bkk trip, @ the baipai cooking class
we met a taiwanese lady at the class and we were chatting
and i was whining about how much i miss LU ROU FAN,
and the first thing she said was..
"OH... Mr Beard lu rou fan..!" (In mandarine obviously!)

So i guess it's one of the best in the taiwanese point of view as well?
or else she won't mention it right! Yums!


Lol, one bowl is like damn cheap,
but one small bowl is never enoughhhhh!


Lol, see, after the small bowl boyf ordered the bigger bowl!


Lol, went shopping and stuff and we went back to
xi men ding to go leave our stuff in the hotel!

One of the thing i love about there is that people tend to
dress up really well and some are pretty crazy, so interesting!
Lol, on our way back to the hotel we saw this guy with his squirrels!!!
OMG DAMN CUTE! Seeeeeeeee~



running all over him and starting to get a wee bit freaaaaaaky...
and then it PEED on him. HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH.

Squirrel peed on my boyf's back. Awesome.



Went back to hotel to leave our stuff before going out again!


Lol, bumped into the squrriel uncle
and boyf made me carry the squirrel,
i wasnt scared but when i thought of the peeeeeeing
i was like eeeeew nooooo~

Lol, so cuuuuuute, until it started running across my shoulders
and biting my wooden straw bag prolly thinking
that it's his midnight snack or sth... -.-


Modern toilet restaurant!
Didnt try it cos they told me the food kinda suck!
but it's so interesting thou, actually this trip i didnt go to sooooo many places!
Next time i go i'll be sure to visit all the places i wanted to go initally~



Shopping shopping walk walk and saw this hotdog stall,
the person who made the hotdog like treat the hotdog
like his baby lidat lor! Like so gentle gentle. hahas




Didnt expect it, but it's DAMN FREAKING YUMMY!
Went back the next day to eat the same hotdog again. lol.


Next day went to have GUO TIE for breakfast.
Lol, lots and lots of guo tie and it's super cheap and yummy!


Went to watch transformers 2
(transformer 2 just came out not long ago then!)
cos we had nth to do in the afternoon
and our flight is in the evening!


Lol never watch movie in taiwan,
the seats are like blooooody cramp
(even worst than the cramp-est theatre at lido)
sound system's like damn crappy and the tics are so expensive~

Pouts, got a cab to pick us up from the hotel to the airport..
so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!


Lol, wtf look at the check-in queue for jetstar.


In the queue, boohoo, so sad that we're leaving already
hence the super ultra pouty face! ):


Look at my poor teddy bear,
squeezing with my jill stuart cosmetics/candy
i bought in xi men ding. heheheh



Omg.. this AUNTIE sitting beside boyf keep eating and eating!!!
Damn funny lor, when we just board the plane
she was eating some rice thingy,
after another half hour she was eating again,
then she sleep.. then wake up eat noodle..
sleep.. wake up then eat some corn thing AGAIN!!!

All that in a 4hour flight!!!

Yay, we tried the apple flavoured lollipops with
cute edible prints in the heart of the lolly and it's so nice!
Boohoo, regret that i didnt buy mooooooore.


Boyf one is a tiger and mine is an alien-ish looking thing!


Although we were in taiwan in summer,
we spend all day outdoors, shopping and stuff and
we never really sweat and got REALLY HOT OR ANYTHING?!

Argh, stepped out of the sg airport and we were sweating already,
and it was like 12 midnight and we're sweating!

Miss taiwan's everything!

Bye bye taiwan!!!

bkk day 2

Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 2

OK, I'm back to blogging about Day 2 @ bkk!
I'll blog about the last day in Taiwan on my next post,
lol, i know it's like almost 6 months ago but lots of you have been
asking me to blog about it, and after seeing fel's taiwan pictures
on her blog i suddenly have the "feel" to finally blog about it!

Woke up @ 10am and god knows why, i was ridiculously hungry!
Lol, so we quickly bathed, makeup etc..
(Even though i said "quickly", but quickly
was still around 45mins - 1 hour!)
We both are super dilly dally!

So as the clock ticked on..
i got increasingly hunnnnnngrrrrrryyyyyy,
hungry fidel = a super easily frus me!
(Lol, daniel taught me this: Frustrated = frus.)

Finally got out of our hotel, and walked out to try
and find some yummies to fill my growling tummy!
Lol, in the end, shopped around for quite abit, bought leggings for work,
jeans leggings, a dress, a bag, boyf bought jeans too,
and then we finaaaaaaaally found somewhere to eat!

You gotta try this place when you go to bkk kay!
It's located at baiyoke sky hotel, at the garment centre, Level 4!
There's some pretty good shopping at level 4,
lol, lvl 1, 2, 3 sells all the crappy weird obiang stuff,
so don't bother checking out those 3 levels!

The restaurant is called Snow Bar, Restaurant.



Lol, pretty interesting, it's a clothes shop, there's a pool table
(people actually come here and play!) and it's a restaurant!


You gotta gotta gotta try the phad thai & tom yum soup.
AWESOME! Went back there another 2 times to eat
the same thing after that day lol.




After shopping @ level 4, (bought a cute couple tee!)
Lol, i know.. couple tees are like sooooo.. secondary school.
But it's really cute what! buttons and scissors..
I wanted the broken finger print but boyf said it's abit gross/scary..
lol but i liked it!

Anyway after shopping there, went to get a cab to get to mbk.
got into an ORANGE cab and told the driver we wanted to go to mbk..
and he told us some bullshit about mbk being CLOSED..
(mind you, it was around 12-1pm @ that time..
impossible that the mall is not open yet lor..)

And then proceed to go on and on about floating markets
and some other tourist attraction and when we refused his offer,
he just ask us to get off his car~!!!!

Me and boyf we were so damn shocked!

Then when we got off the cab we realized he just turn one big round
and alighted us at around the same place we got on his cab..
wtf.. another thing i hate about bkk!

Then we saw a PINK cab and we immediately hopped into it.
Awesome, automatically turn on the meter.
Bloody hell. So seriously, only take the pink cabs when you're there!
the other kinda cabs are really crappy, i dont even know why!

Or another tip, just offer them 80/100baht when you get on the cab
they'll be really really nice and not try to do anything funny
like take you round and round to get more $$$ on the meter
and in the meantime waste your precious time!
(The new zealand couple from the cooking class taught us that!)

Anyway, i dont understand what's the hype about mbk lor!
there's nth much to shop leh!
Before i went there everyone were like MBK MBK MBK MUST GO!
But when i'm there i didnt even get anything!

Lol, saw Auntie Anne's there and look what they have on their menu!!!




So crude! But it's actually Cheesy Chicken Bites! CCB!!!
It's really good thou!!! Hahahas, comes with the strawberry dutch set.

Went and took a tuk tuk because we were told
that there is a soonboon restaurant near mbk,

My gaaaaaawd, that bloody ah beng tuk tuk guy
wanna bring us to some other place lor..
kns, at the traffic light he was shouting across to
another tuk tuk ah beng guy and it sounded that he was laughing at us
and trying to be funny (Cos i actually read about tuk tuk driver
bringing tourist to the "fake soonboon resturant and they got scammed!)

and asking us if we went to soonboon restaurant before..
and we insist that we were there afew times and that
the food is really good then he reversed and went ANOTHER direction,
which was like super obvious that he was gonna bring us to
another place if we didnt say we went there before!

ARGH. The people there are so scary!




Crab, prawns, fish, mango sticky rice,
all for only $50?

Anyway, the food wasn;t that awesome either.
it was O-KKKKKK, but it's really really cheap.
But i'd rather pay abit more and have awesome crabs in singapore!
Sigh.. i think boyf and i we're too spoilt already... :x

Took a cab back to the hotel where we got our tickets
to calypso (ah gua show) @ asia hotel,
we booked via our hotel's travel agent and we had 50% off!




Hahahas, the couple tee i bought!

Full house!!!




Hahahas, everybody were like.. WOOOOOOW
when the 1st ah gua came out! SEEEEEEXY~
But boyf said he/she was like a robot.. -.-






Hahahas, she's like DAMN FUNNY LOR!!!
She's like the "xie xing" Lol.
She/he even kissed one of the audience,
push him onto the stage and lay on him!!! HAHAAH!





Lol, took pictures with them after the show!
So hard to imagine they are GUUUUYS?!


Heheheh, taller than boyf!


I picked the prettiest and asked boyf to take a picture with he/her!
Lol, two days after i was looking at the picture reviewing the pics
and i realised his hands is on his/her butt lor!

@#$%^&*() @!#$%#@#$%^%^#%


LOL! i took picture with the funniest person!

And we saw naraya store when we came out of the theatre!
Since mine was slashed on Day 1 @ the weekend market,
got 3 more for myself! Lol.


and of course... lingerie from wacoal!
Cheap as hell lor, wtf.

Honestly, i don't like bkk at all,
at first i wanted to go because everyone was like telling
me how awesome bkk is, the highlight of my whole trip
there is prolly the weekend market, cooking class,
erawan falls, elephant ride and the calypso show..

i still prefer taiwan, where the shopping, food, people is AWESOME,
and people there are so interesting cos good looking
cos they are so experimental with their dressing and style!
It's so fun even to sit at a cafe and watch people..

Love love loveeeeeee,
hope i can go to taiwan again next year! <3
But i'm gonna go to australia 1st next summer,
Muahahaha, gonna plan to go to the great barrier reef,
whale watching, warner brothers... and visiting May, leon's sis!

Ok, gotta go sleep now!
Working tmr, Sayonara Loves! (: